Jordan International Insurance

Corporate Insurance

Fire and General Insurance

We work in partnership with businesses to protect their properties and operations through providing the following types of insurance coverage:

Property/ Casualty Insurance

Is the type of insurance that covers the physical property and its equipment against loss from fire, theft or other perils. An all-risk coverage provides cover against all risks, whereas a named-peril coverage covers specific perils named in the policy.

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance coverage safeguards your business against many known and unknown risks. A general liability insurance for instance covers a third party bodily injury and property damage caused by accidents from your business.

Other types of liability insurance are; workman compensation which protects your employees against injury or accidents. Professional indemnity provides tailored cover for professionals’ daily exposures.

General Accident

Includes accidental damages to business assets other than what is considered as property. Types include money insurance, infidelity guarantee, sabotage and terrorism, political violence and bankers’ blanket.

Engineering Insurance

Type of insurance that covers against unfortunate events such as machinery breakdown, deterioration of stock, accidental damage to electronic equipment, engineering transit, dismantling and erection, construction work and mobile plant.